Supporting your vulnerable child at home during the festive season

The festive season is a time for joy, happiness, and spending time with your family. 

However, for your vulnerable child, it might be a time when their routine and daily life is disrupted, causing them distress. 

This can cause many challenges and stresses, but it is important you work with your child and care companies like Almond Children’s Care to give them the right environment until their regular routine resumes. 

Whether your child has special needs, disabilities, or faces emotional difficulties, it is essential to give them support to make this festive season comfortable and enjoyable. 

Understand what your child needs 

If you cannot access our services, or don’t know what your child likes, these tips offer guidance on how to support your child through this difficult time. 

It’s important to remember that you might need additional advice and that it’s ok to do so. Our services at Almond Children’s Care keep you and your child at the forefront of any decisions and offer help each step of the way. 

Embrace routine 

  • Many, if not all, children thrive on routine, especially those who are vulnerable; the festive season brings lots of disruptions so you should try to maintain as much consistency as possible. 
  • Creating and sticking to a routine can include maintaining a regular mealtime, a bedtime routine, and daily activities to keep them occupied. 

Sensory elements 

  • Your child could endure sensory difficulties, such as noisy gatherings or too many people in one room, so you should be mindful which environment you introduce them to and when. 
  • Providing a quiet space if they become overwhelmed or offering noise-cancelling headphones can all help to make your festive season as comfortable as possible for them. 

Communicate with your child 

  • To help reduce anxiety and confusion with your child, involve them in conversations about what they can expect during your Christmas and New Year celebrations. 
  • They will want to feel involved and including them in conversations can give your child the independency they deserve. 

This independency lets them choose the care and support they want. 

What can Almond Children’s Care offer your child? 

Our team of trained professionals can provide a wide range of attentive care options to help your child feel comfortable and stress-free. 

The therapy services we offer include an expert psychotherapist who can provide your child with therapeutic support, to simplify the challenges they deal with. 

We work with any child and help them to understand their feelings and overcome any social barriers they might endure. By dealing with social situations, they will enjoy the festive season more comfortably. 

If your child is not comfortable with their current situation, especially during the festive season, we also offer residential services should they become overwhelmed. 

Our combination of educational, therapeutic, and social care value your child and help them to find the best care for them. 

If you are struggling to support your vulnerable child this Christmas, please contact us today. 


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