Supporting children’s education through the summer

The summer holidays are just around the corner, which provides a well-needed break for children. But you shouldn’t let their education slip completely during the summer months.

Avoiding the “summer slide”

The “summer slide,” a term coined by educational researchers, refers to the learning loss that children experience during the summer holidays.

During the summer, children can experience setbacks in their education if they aren’t practising vital skills.  Over several years, these losses can create substantial educational gaps, so educational support during the summer months is essential.

Encouraging ongoing education

Continued education during the summer doesn’t mean bringing the classroom home.

Rather, it advocates for a balanced approach, combining the thrill of summer fun with exploratory learning.

Some fun educational activities include:

  • A trip to a science museum or historical site: By witnessing the practical application of the knowledge they gain in school, children can develop a deeper understanding of various concepts, enhancing their cognitive skills in the process.
  • Reading: Reading is a great hobby to encourage. It enhances vocabulary, broadens imagination, and fosters a love for literature. Providing children with an array of books catering to their interests and age group can encourage them to immerse themselves in the magical world of words.
  • Using digital learning platforms: Educational apps or games can be both fun and encourage children to use their brains and equip children with the skills required for the rapidly advancing technological world.
  • Arts and crafts: Getting creative shouldn’t be overlooked. Activities such as painting, music, dance, and theatre can nourish creativity, improve motor skills, and boost confidence.

The summer can provide an excellent opportunity to explore how your child learns best and encourage this.

At Almond Care Children’s Services, we understand that each child will learn in a different way. Taking this into consideration, we tailor the educational environment to the child, with the guidance of our panel of education providers.

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