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Bethany Care Group are passionate about the children and young people in our care and the services and care/support levels that they receive to meet their overall goals. We aim to achieve this through dedication, and honesty to our children and young people, to promote confidence and realise their own self-worth and success. Our teams are committed to supporting children in a manner that is centred and focussed on their individual needs, interests and skills.

Ofsted Registered Childrens’ Homes – 8 to 18

Our homes are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, yet stimulating environment in which children and young people aged 8 to 18 years old can flourish. Our homes are registered for children and young people with a background of emotional, behavioural difficulties (EBD).

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Semi-Independent Services - 16 to 24

We provide a safe, nurturing and person-centred environment in a supported accommodation setting for vulnerable young people from 16 to 24. Our holistic ethos, means we provide pragmatic support to enable young people to achieve their full potential; empowering them to be happy and make their way in the world.

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Our services are located in the West Midlands and East Midlands. Please call 024 7610 2333 for further information.

Passionate about making a real difference to young lives …..

We will work in partnership with local authorities, professionals, the community, and children themselves to give them the chance to live a constructive life within the community. At all times we will strive to provide a high standard of care; delivered in a sensitive, thoughtful, and consistent way.


Every child learns in a different way, and some may need some additional support during their education journey. Having the right support systems in place