Children’s Mental Health Week: Get connected

Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week, which shines a spotlight on how we can make a difference to children’s lives.

Place2Be started Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 to focus on improving children and young people’s mental health.

This movement will take place from 6 to 12 February 2023, with this year’s ‘Let’s Connect’ theme focusing on embracing meaningful connections with others.

Why are connections important for children’s mental health?

Fostering healthy connections with other people is vital for children’s development and for their wellbeing.

Children pick up behaviour from people around them, so demonstrating positive relationships is important.

Especially following the pandemic, children may have experienced feelings of loneliness which has a negative impact on mental health.

But by engaging in rewarding social connections, children can have a safe space to discuss any worries that they may have.

How can you connect?

To encourage healthy connections, listening and finding common ground is a great place to start.

Think of some fun activities that can be done together, such as team building exercises. Make sure you set time aside to listen to your child, and encourage them to discuss their concerns.

At Almond Care Children’s Services, we understand the importance of nurturing healthy relationships, which is why we offer expert therapeutic care and guided support for each young person in our care.

Do you or a loved one need support? Get in touch.


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