Children’s mental health: Finding the right support for your child

The mental health of anyone is important to look after, especially the mental health of your child.

Giving children the best start in life means putting their mental health needs first.

We offer lots of services and resources at Almond Care Children’s Services, to support your child’s mental health and give them the tools to handle challenges they may face.

Understanding the importance of children’s mental health

As your child grows and navigates the world, they will feel many emotions and will face lots of challenges.

They might become stressed, anxious, or depressed but, no matter the feeling, it is crucial that these concerns are recognised and addressed quickly to ensure your child does not have long-lasting effects when they enter adulthood.

What support do Almond Care Children’s Services provide?

At Almond Care Children’s Services, we offer support in therapy services, residential services, and educational services too.

Residential services

We understand the importance of creating a safe and nurturing space for children and young people.

Our support systems and practices are tailored towards each child, to satisfy their unique needs.

Therapy services

  • We provide a fully qualified and expert in-house psychotherapist to provide a range of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic services
  • Our focus remains on overcoming an emotional difficulty and helping your child to positively impact their mental health
  • The support we offer to your child also extends to your family too; we provide a greater understanding of a young person’s emotional difficulty, and offer tools to help improve relationships which may have been strained due to your child’s mental health struggle

Educational services

  • It might be difficult for a child struggling with their mental health to stay in a school environment which is not designed to improve their mental health; this is why we have worked with our education providers to create an environment where they can learn safely without further damaging their mental health
  • We encourage good behavioural skills, social skills, emotional resilience and independence, and to aim high; we want to improve your child’s mental health whilst also allowing them to succeed as well as they possibly can, ready for integration into society once their mental health journey is manageable

Accessible services

Amongst the support we offer at Almond Care Children’s Services, there are also UK-wide services should you need extra guidance.

These include:

  1. School-based support – In the UK, there are many schools who offer counselling services and these are provided by a friendly team of professionals. They can be easily accessed by children, meaning they are very useful in caring for their mental health
  2. Local charities and support groups – If you cannot access school-based support or don’t feel other services will benefit your child, there are many local charities and support groups which can offer a helping hand in supporting your child’s mental health. To help your child cope with their emotions, they offer counselling, workshops and activities as their support systems
  3. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) – This service is an NHS service which is specifically designed for the mental health of children and young people. Assessments, treatments, and support are available for multiple mental health issues

You would normally need a GP referral for CAMHS, but if you are unsure speak to one of our team members today.

There are also lots of online resources, such as Young Minds and Childline, so you’ll be able to find the right support for your child’s specific needs.

What should I do for my child?

It might seem like a tricky obstacle to overcome, but your child’s mental health is the most important feature of their life, affecting how they grow up and develop as a person.

Here’s what you should do, as a parent or carer:

  1. Have open communication – Always encourage your child to talk about their feelings and any concerns, big or small, they might have. Make sure they know there is no judgment and that it is a safe place to share
  2. Consult your GP – If you are concerned with your child’s mental health, make sure to speak to your GP. They can refer you to services should you need help
  3. Always attend support services together – Involve your child in the process of accessing and securing support services; if they offer their own input into how their journey should progress, they will assume some control and can direct it accordingly
  4. Consistency is key – Always be patient with the treatments and support your child receives. It can be a long and difficult journey, but mental health improvements happen over time, and it is essential you are patient with the support as your child progresses

At Almond Care Children’s Services, we carry a child-centred approach to how we create our services; your child should feel safe and secure in knowing the service they receive has been made just for them.

If you would like support regarding your child’s mental health, CAMHS, the NHS, and Samaritans all offer further information.


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