About our team

Our Responsible Individual Director and Founder has an extensive career in healthcare and children’s services including first qualifying as a general nurse, spending over a decade in the NHS and private sector. She specialises in paediatric complex care as well as being registered with the NMC and is a member of the RCN, CMSUK and Paediatric Palliative Care Forum, RCN Children & Young People Specialist Care Forum and RCN Children and Young People Continuing & Community Care forum.

Our Operational Manager and Responsible Individual has over 18 years’ experience of working within children’s services. During her time at Almond Care, she has been fully supported by our Director and her team to create and implement robust and streamlined recording processes.

The impact of doing so has ensured effective time management for our team members between administration tasks and quality time with our children.

Throughout her career it was apparent her strength was the development of colleagues and creating structure within homes. We are very proud that as a result, most of our managers within Almond care children’s services have progressed from the roles of RCW and team leaders.

We are a unique and diverse team of managers with various backgrounds and experience. We ensure we are always leading others by example. We are fully supportive of each other, our teams, and our children. Our leaders, along with their teams are dedicated and committed individuals that go above and beyond.

We all ensure we are supporting our children to meet their full potential, regardless of starting points, and always ensure we are celebrating every milestone, however small. We strive to ensure every child feels listened to and knows that their opinions count and that they are valued.

The team is further supported by our in-house, qualified psychotherapist who can provide a range of bespoke psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapeutic services.